Our Company

When Time is tight and you want to do it right contact bright light

The time saving company

Bright Light Consulting LTD started in 2005 and has positioned itself as a specialised organisation focusing on application and business-to-business integration.

Money-saving operations is our motto, that is why we recommend standardised solutions for recurring problems, like ‘best-practises’, software products and training. During projects we work directly with the customer or as sub-contractor on behalf of software suppliers or system integrators.

The added value of Bright Light Consulting is most affective during the initiatie phase of your project when architecture must defined or adapted. The focus of our organisation has been aimed at developing knowledge and products in the field of integration. Because of this we are capable to assist you with a green field, but also when innovation is need for existing implementations. This is possible both on processes, technical and product level.

The customers of Bright Light Consulting are active in several sectors, such as telecommunication, finance and insurance, industry, logistics and transport and (semi-) government.

Our Vision

Bright Light Consulting is a dynamic organisation where quality and results are part of our core business. Our primary focus is to successfully implement integration solutions and also to evaluate and improve concepts in these specific areas.


Bright Light Consulting stands for reliability and quality and therefore we select our partners carefully so that we can build long term relationships. Our activities are concentrated on architecture, approach, implementation and management of projects. When you work with one of our consultant, you don’t work with an individual but with our whole team. Your organisation will profit from all knowledge and know-how which is available within Bright Light Consulting.