Software Configuration Management Systemen

If you are looking for a version management system that is reliable and affordable, then we recommend Perforce. Perforce is a Software Configuration Management System, which is available for several platforms.


Software Configuration Management (SCM) is a working method and a tool for software developers to manage modifications on documents and source code and to manage the relationship between these changes. In a world where systems become more complex, SCM is an essential component in the development process.


The most important advantages of SCM are:

  • Repository, so that there is only one location where the object  is originated.

  • Version management, so that a object can be repaired to a certain state.
  • A list of changes, allows everyone to determine what, when and by whom something had changed, so that a previous situation is restorable.
  • Teaming, it simplifies the process where multiple people work on the same object.

Many organization use and rely on SCM-systems and these organizations use either commercial- or open-source products. Many of these open-source products are available online and do work properly. However, in these environments, where servers move from location and are migrated to new machines, problems can arise during the migration from the old to the new version. Intensive usage over the years can also make the system slower and who is going to assist you to determine the causes of these problems?

On these moments it is important that you know there is an organization that will stand by and offer support.


BLC is partner of Perforce and has the expertise in-house to successfully implement Perforce in your organization.


If you are interested in our vision and approach or in Perforce then please contact us via e-mail or telephone.