Monitoring and Management

Tracking and tracing of messages during tests and getting the insight of the behaviour in production are some examples of activities which are carried out daily on projects.


Monitoring is a must in order to manage environments and can be categorized into functional and non functional aspects.



For monitoring, the functional aspects such as tracking and tracing messages by means of an order number or a transaction identifier, GreenHat Tracker offers the solution. The storage of messages is achieved with a SQL database, which makes it possible to create SLA reports. Cleaning out-of-date data can be automatically executed by means of a predefined date and time. Stored messages can also be reproduced in other environments (e.g. test) with GreenHat Tester to assist in solving possible problems.



Monitoring the non-functional aspects can be achieved with GreenHat Viewer, this product will not only give you insight in the health of the machines in environments, but also the messages that were exchanged on the transport layer.


In short with both these products you will be able to proactively watch the health of your Enterprise Service Bus. Our BLC consultant can support you with gathering, designing and implementing your monitoring requirements.


If you are interested in our vision and approach, then please contact us via e-mail or telephone.