Enterprise Service Bus

The process where several projects realize your Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), is a cohesion of activities, in which your own employees and external parties contribute to.


A large number of deliverables

All these activities produce several deliverables such as functional designs, program code, technical designs, release notes, implementation plans, configuration settings and much more.


Within one year, you will already have a large repository of documents, where several project members have contributed to, but not everyone will always be informed and aware of the contents of these documents. Sooner or later some of your project members will leave the project, which will automatically result in loss of knowledge.


Consistency and control

During an on-going process where projects realize parts of the chains, the cohesion of components within the ESB becomes more and more complex. The result is that after a number of projects the data model, the services, change requests, defects and many other topics will no longer be manageable without tooling.



For this reason, Bright Light Consulting developed one application "Clearify" for all these subjects. With Clearify your repository of deliverables will become manageable and consistent. With this application, it will be possible to register all information right from the start of a project until it goes into production. With this information, it will be possible to administer functional documents, release notes, deployment plans or even generated them.


If at a later stage, information is required about which services are already available and what happens if these are changed, then this knowledge will be directly available and prevents the need to research all historical documents that where ever produced.


If you are interested in our vision and approach or in Cleaify, then please contact us via e-mail or telephone.