Bright Light Consulting is a Professional Service Group, which specialises in the field of applications and business-to-business integration. Our consultants focus not only on the conceptual level but also the implementation level and are experienced in projects related to setting up and maintaining both Service Oriented and Event-Driven architectures.


A successful implementation of integration projects begins with selecting the correct tools, methodologies and skills. BLC aims for the middle and large sized projects and chooses products, techniques and concepts which are related to these kinds of projects.


Each integration project has a number of common properties which plays an important role to be successful. BLC support you to realise these properties:

  • Maximum ROI, by eliminating unnecessary try outs and having a correct approach, you can reach your results faster and with a higher degree of quality and reusability.
  • Fast start up, using a standardised approach and applying `best-practices',  BLC is capable of rapidly extending the implementation team with local and global resources.
  • Transferable, knowledge transfer and support are an essential component of our treatment. Because of this BLC customers can operate in the long term successfully without us.
  • Prepared to the future, our PSG not only know technological products, but also several standards and `design patterns'. This avoids unnecessary think errors or restrictions in the architecture concerning migration or introduction of new techniques.


Because of our professional set-up, Bright Light Consulting delivers consultants that can fulfill the following roles: architects, designers, team leaders, developers and testers.